Monday, November 2, 2009

Before: The Bathroom

To be honest, I don't care about the bathroom. It needs good light, a toilet that flushes, and a shower that actually gets me clean.

This bathroom is oddly shaped, which, again, I find oddly charming, though I do worry about The Boy hitting his head when he pees since he is a giant. But everything it made better by the shower. See, in our old bathroom, the shower head was really low. Really, really low. It would hit me in the nose, and The Boy around the shoulders. The water pressure was non-existent, and any time one of our downstairs neighbors turned on their showers, we lost ours. The guy below us was especially evil since I'm convinced he waited to hear us turn on the shower before he started his, which was usually on mornings I had an early call time for a photo shoot and already cranky. So yeah, for two years, we had weak showers, but an excuse to strengthen our thighs.

I bought a new shower head. It's "S"-shaped, and made for tall people like us. I actually bought it two years ago, but the water pressure wasn't strong enough to push the water north through the new head. But I held onto it, and thank goodness! Literally, the first thing I did in the new place was change shower heads. Not only do we now have a shower head that encourages good posture, but the shower head is actually one of those that makes the water come out like rain. And it's wonderful! With all the moving and unpacking, I've been taking a lot of showers, and they make me happy.

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