Thursday, November 12, 2009

Opinions: Dining Rugs

We have since replaced our dining table with the IKEA Docksta, the Saarinen knock-off, which I had been eyeing for some time. The chairs were already ours; the plastic was very infamously used in a nudie photo shoot. You've also seen our wood/chrome/gray/black shelves and spare chair.

I would like to break up the red of the floor, but I've decided I can't fight the vaguely southwestern tile and homey counters, I can only make them chic-er. I'm leaning towards something slightly vintage with a soup├žon of ethnicity (though embarrassingly not mine).

I've decided I want to layer two rugs to get more color and pop in the dining area, with the bottom layer a light neutral jute rug to lighten the dark floor, and top it off with something southwestern, like a kilim. These are my three choices. Since the center would be covered by the table pedestal, I went with all-over patterns. I'm leaning towards one in particular, but I would love opinions. Thoughts?

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