Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dilemma: Bedroom Wall

The bedroom is pissing me off. The walls need a fresh coat of paint, period, but the white walls don't match the obviously beige trim, and I HATE (hate, hate, hate) white with beige. It just makes me want to scrub the dickens out of everything to make it fresh and bright.

We have estimates for painting, but it's somewhat low priority right now. And very expensive.

But I digress.

What's really stumping me is furniture placement and lighting. As of right now, we have:
--one queen bed with headboard
--two round nightstands (not shown)
--one big black dresser
--one tall vintage wooden armoire
--two silver desk lamps, one for each nightstand

We also have, but not in the bedroom as of right now:
--ornate silver wall mirror ($40 at urban ore, then painted silver. FABULOUS. the one shown is close to what we have, but not nearly as awesome.)
--tons of art

And I'll also have that jewelry cabinet I'm making, and I'd love to get a really nice framed full-length mirror. We have a mirror in the bathroom, but it's on the door, and in order to get a good look at yourself, you have to open the bathroom door and stand in the hall. Not convenient.

We're also working with the problem that we have no ceiling lights in the bedroom, so all light has to come from lamps or the window, none of which provide that much light.

As of right now, the dresser faces the bed and is next to the window, the armoire is at an angle in the corner, between the dresser and shoe closet. I like that arrangement, and given the size of the room, it makes the most sense.

I'm thinking the jewelry cabinet with the ornate mirror will have to go in the corner next to the shoe closet, near the bed, with the long mirror on the empty wall near the mirror.

Things I'm thinking about:
1. Color: we don't have it. The furniture is all brown, the bedding will be gray, the walls are white. Maybe new end tables, painted a nice color?

2. Will the jewelry cabinet be too cramped in the corner?

3. Lighting: how do we incorporate more without it getting too cluttered? Mirrors help, but we needs lamps.

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