Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Project: Kitchen Shelving

Confession: towards the end of our stay in the old apartment, we gave up on trying to keep things in our teeny-tiny trash can, we just had a giant trash bag we kept out until it get filled. Ditto the recycling. I hated it. Messy, ugly, and I felt like a pig.

So when we moved, and we had even less room for a trash can, I knew we had a problem.

Solution? Wire shelving! I wanted to combine the shape of an over-the-toilet etagere with the shape of a buffet, and have enough room for oversized items like cookbooks, a produce/fruit bowl, and serving dishes. Three square, chrome trashcans fit perfectly underneath--one for garbage, one for bottle/can recycling, and one for paper recycling. The other side has room for a guest dining chair (we have our two, but my best friend stays over quite a bit)

These are InterMetro shelves from the Container Store (Jason in Walnut Creek was unbelievably helpful) with butcher blocks. The cans are also Container Store. The chair (which needs to be cleaned) is vintage, from Urban Ore.

Any ideas on decorating that wall? It's really the only open space we have in the kitchen.

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  1. I think that the shelving/trashcan parking spot is a genius idea! Recycling corners can get out of control really fast.