Monday, November 2, 2009

Before: The Kitchen

This room is really, really important. I was very close to becoming a chef (thought about dropping out of college to go to culinary school before I discovered Art History), and I LOVE to cook, so I want this room has to be special. The red curtains aren't ours and have since been taken down, and I'm playing with a few ideas.

I actually submitted our kitchen to Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn makeover feature. In it, they pick a kitchen from a batch of submissions to offer decorating suggestions, then open it up to readers. We got picked. They confirmed my suspicion about the dining table (our current table is an awkward size for the space), but they helped me come to love our counter tile.

We have plans for the kitchen. More on that later.

This is the link to our Apartment Therapy consultation:

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