Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Like To Shop: Vintage Nightstands

Our old nightstands were mattress-height, circular, and 20". They took up too much space, had next to no storage (a teeny, tiny drawer that wasn't big enough to hold anything fun? please.), and I kept hitting them in my sleep. No, really. I've hit my head, eyes, nose, and/or chin against my nightstand about 30 times since we bought them three years ago. The Boy was completely oblivious, as if cursing in my sleep was a common occurrence.

I gave up. I bought these two nightstands on CL a few days ago for $45, total. Yeah, they're a little wobbly, but they look soooo cool. And look, storage! And they're not too tall! Intact teeth and lack of facial bruises FTW!

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