Thursday, November 5, 2009

Project: Pipe Bookcase

We have a corner of the living room that's a but awkward. A long, big, empty wall with some floor space, but not a lot. We were hoping to use that space for entertaining, like for food and drinks when we entertain. The wall is too big for a hutch, buffet, breakfront, or any kind of ree-standing piece of furniture, and the floor space is too small for a formal dining table.

The solution? This great wall unit! It's made of pipes and boards, which can be painted/stained and treated. As soon as we've moved in, we're going to try it. I even like the design of this--long counter for a buffet, bottom shelf for decorative serving platters, top shelf for more...things, and a gap for a piece of art. It's perfect.

Well, almost. Our walls are plaster, not drywall, so we'll need to be reeeeally careful with the installation.

Idea and link courtesy of Morgan at The Brick House:

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  1. Our walls are plaster as well. It's actually not a big deal to install, each flange has four screws so there's 16 screws anchoring that thing in at the top. We didn't drill the bottom.

    It is SOLID. Like crazy solid after it all gets screwed together.